Avoid/delay permanent damage.

Re-Sealing will help protect the color, acting as a “wearing layer”, therefore extending the life of the surface, and restoring your driveway to an attractive “wet-look” appearance.

Think of it like our delicate facial skin facing the daily onslaught of the sun. We apply protective moisturizers/sunscreens to delay our skin damage.

Applying a protective sealer to decorative concrete surfaces does similar – the color is simply natural oxides rubbed into the concrete surface – common sense says the colour will wear out quicker without protective maintenance.

Hence the need to periodically (2-3 years) Re-Seal stencil/stamped concrete surfaces to delay concrete surface damage.

We routinely maintain our facial skin – so why not maintain the “facial” skin of our home, our driveway?

Always ensure you employ someone whom is licensed for this work.